What is Full Grain Leather, and what makes it better?

These are two questions we get asked frequently. What is Full Grain Leather, and what makes it any better than standard leather?

What is Full Grain Leather?

In order to explain, we must first understand what Full Grain Leather is. Full Grain Leather comes from the part of the hide that sits just beneath the hair. This means it showcases the natural markings of the hide which are sanded away on other leather types such as Genuine Leather. This means that Full Grain Leather has more texture and durability.

But why is this better?

By keeping the natural markings, full grain leather is the closest you can get to leather in its natural form. The natural markings make every piece perfectly unique and provide individuality to every piece. On top of this it is less wasteful as less time is spent processing and refining the leather. 

But what about Genuine Leather?

The term "genuine leather" is one of the most misleading terms in the leather industry. Although many high end brands use this term to suggest their products are of high quality, it actually just means that the product is made of any leather. With genuine leather, the top layer is often sanded down to give a uniform look. The issue with this is that manufacturers can take any piece of leather, no matter the quality, and sand it down to look the same. Therefore you may actually be receiving a a lower standard of product.